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If you are having trouble setting up routers and you already have a wireless network running I would suggest using the TP-LINK TL-WR700N Wireless N150 Portable Router running in “client mode”, it is very small (about the size of a apple tv or roku) and very portable. I needed a solution that allowed me to use a wireless network that was already in the building I was in because I use in different places throughout the year. All I did was run the setup on the WR700N to use the local wireless network in client mode, then plugged in the Cat5 into the Qu-16 network port, then turned on my iPad connected to the local wireless connection that I setup WR700N and when I loaded the QU Pad app I could see the Qu-16 and connected. It works great and if you have to use in multiple location you just have to run the set up through a laptop to get the local connection. Not sure of the range though, it works for what I need. THE PLUG IS BUILT INTO IT SO YOU NEED A POWER SOURCE CLOSE.