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It feels to me like there might have been some incremental improvement in the pinch capability for PEQ on the iPad app. It seems to respond a bit better…or maybe I’m hallucinating.

But it is still too easy to inadvertently pick a different band’s main control while pinching or spreading. I would really like to be able to just pick the band based on one of the four band columns underneath, and have the app lock to that band until I switch it via the same mechanism. That would go a long way toward improving the ease of use.

And/or make the controls (Q, freq, etc) themselves in each column interactive, like the controls for gate and compressor are. Might be problematic with screen real estate to do that, but it might make for better fine-tuning because of the way iOS works with the control proximity: select the control, and if you maintain touch with the screen but move away in the 90 degree axis, you get finer control over the parameter. That works well in other areas.

And as has been mentioned before, using color to match the column to the dot and even curve background would help quite a bit, too.

The RTA still doesn’t have useful vertical resolution (it needs its own screen), and no scale either.