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Improving the iPad’s EQ control is arguably really important: if you think about it, THE most likely use case for using the iPad instead of the board is wandering around the room adjusting levels and, yes, EQ.

So add to the problem the fact that in this scenario the user is likely to be holding the unit in their hand, not on a stable platform, it makes it even more difficult to really use the gestures to control it.

One thought: they must have realized there was a problem precisely controlling faders at some point, and made it such that as long as the fader is selected, the user can move their touch point a bit off to the side, and the farther away they are the more precise the control is because large movements result in increasingly smaller changes. If they were to use the same design paradigm for the PEQ, it might work well. But it would have to be clear which band is selected (color map its curve against the text below), and so forth.

Or they could combine that with increasing the size of the text-based parameters below and THEN manipulate using gestures. E.g. Select Q on second band, then swipe anywhere ,up to broaden, down to narrow. Or, possibly better, select the column for the desired frequency and you can maintain the mapping between horizontal=Q/vertical=gain/grab the dot=frequency.

I have a lot of other ideas for this…I am a User Interface Designer/Usability Researcher by profession. You know how to reach me, A&H.