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Thanks for the adding the Meters page. This is working out to be fine. I’m still really missing the lack of having full control of the FX engines and parameters. Also, whilst I’m finding it a little easier to tweak the PEQ I still find myself annoyingly accidentally selecting different bands whilst trying to adjust the Q when the bands are close together. This is using an iPad mini. I’m also still missing not having soft keys but the other options I mentioned in my original post would be more of a luxury for my requirements. So to summarize, I would still like to see :-

1/ Full control of FX engines and parameters
2/ Soft Keys
3/ Better control of PEQ parameters

All of the other companies (Behringer, QSC, SM Pro Audio, Soundcraft, Presonus & Mackie) have controls for their fx engines on their iPad apps and better control of their PEQ. I’d love to see Allen & Heath sort these areas that are currently lacking as the QU range are such good mixers. Also, the general navigation of the QuPad is extremely clear and easy so I guess it’s going to be a fine balance between making the app bloated and clumsy.