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Thanks for that info.
For anyone interested in what the heck i’m getting at here.
A quick explain:
I Run A GSR24M (firewire) into Mac book Pro and use the software Reaper.
Reaper runs 40 channels being 1-24 of audio and the rest are effects, a bit like returning Effects to channels on a big desk.
My mac book pro USB out puts drive 2 screens.
I originally had the QU16 going into one of the USB to just drive midi data of the Reaper channels.
I figured if I could get the net port driving the Mac book pro rather than through USB it would be easier on the USB ports.
Then I got thinking hold on. Maybe the Network port sends audio as well?
And there you go, it doesn’t send audio.
However it is bi-directional and of course it must be for the App to control the QU in live sound.
And that also answers why its not an easy thing to have a in ear monitor system from your iPad.


dave NZ