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I use cubase in my studio but do all of the monitoring through my Qu-16 works great and you can save your presets. The midi control works great on the faders, I have not tested it on setting it for other controls on the board. I have not gotten the latency figured out for monitoring internally in cubase and it is unusable at this point for me. Just too weird, but that may be my error. So monitoring the track back through cubase with an effect on may not be what is desired. If you figure it out let me Know!!
The only draw back to my method is the tone going into Cubase is pre eq/ compression if you use it. so I end up having to eq twice, one for monitoring and then when it is tracked in Cubase even to listen back. I am missing the ability to sweeten tone going into cubase but they tell me that will be added on a future update. I have a avalon 737 channel strip that I use for single tracking.

The ME-1 I think would be a very useful tool in the studio as well as live!!