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for those that are interested
It can all just get brain fry stuff… multiple desks
I have been using GSR24M in a manual mode #1 rather than the Reaper mode #5.
Bit of a pain as I had to build my own templates as the Reaper Mode in my MAC Book Pro just was temperamental and I really wanted better fader control. But I had “flying faders erratically” so I gave that idea away.
I run dual monitors off the USB ports through some Hubs.
And thought… I just gotta get this Reaper mode thing happening.
So yesterday I bravely went and updated all the firmware and drivers.
Unfortunately The Reaper mode locks in the desks midi knobs which is good and not so good.
The 12 midi knobs are locked into the channel pans! (and I didn’t want to brain fry my head with Bomes software)
I used to have these 12 midi knobs setup to drive the 6 channels of effects and various other functions.

‘DING’ an idea…. na… I was thinking about getting a USB’cough’ Behringer BCF2000 na I just just couldn’t bring myself to..

HEY… what about one of those QUs’?
just as a midi fader mover? …. just like a cough Behringer
I thought… would that work?
after a few hours of experimenting KAPOWski!
it works… unbelievable!
In fact it got better… the QU sits next to the GSR24M and controls the faders AND SOLOs and MUTES in Reaper…

dave NZ