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I can not hear easily the latency in this desk.
Especially after using the GSR24M where I can and is a real studio desk designed for studio.
However there are variables there as well.

I don’t know Cubase however on a channel for channel tracking this desk is amazing!
Surely within Cubase there must be a click track you can assign to ?? to where? good question.

I have tried the ME-1 and you can build a headphone mix in there and I had thoughts about using mulitple ME-1 for studio scenario
To get a click track into ME-1 you would have to use a channel I suspect?
Maybe you can bring a click track back into an ST3? and from memory that can be seen by the ME-1
I know you didn’t talk about using the ME-1 but long term… to have 3 or 4 of those around a studio would be amazing. A new way of thinking? for me that is

My 2 cents worth.
I use Reaper