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DC — that is a devilishly clever idea!

But I hope AH fixes this issue so that I don’t have to add further complexity to my setup and use of this board.

To me this limitation is tied to another limitation of the board – the absence of digital scribble strips. I overcame that limitation by creating the very clever magnetic scribble strips that another forum user suggested.

We use this board for just our band, but the setup isn’t always the same. Most of the variation comes from different drum setup. Sometimes we can make it work with one 16-channel snake, sometimes we need two snakes. But we have a chart that shows each mic and where it is supposed to be plugged into the snake and the board — every time. Kick is ALWAYS on channel 14. Toms 1-5 are channels 16-20, but sometimes we have 3 toms, sometimes 4, sometimes 5. When we have 3 toms, there are empty channels for the ‘missing’ toms. Overheads are always 21 and 22. This method allows all of our mixes, FX, groups, etc to be consistent across each show. And my laminated magnetic scribble strips are always correct.

I have thought that maybe we should just get our 5 or 6 different setups organized, and then save the different setups / routing / etc as a scene. Maybe that’s the way the board was designed to be used. But then I go back to the scribble strip problem. In addition to calling up the right ‘scene’ I’d have to have 5 or 6 different scribble strip printouts, keep them all organized, and make sure the correct scribble strips are placed on the board to match the setup for that day. Obviously this would be a total PITA.

So all of this is why I say that A&H dropped the ball on this Qu playback issue. At some point every Qu owner probably thinks “Gee did I blow it by not getting the Board Who Will Not Be Named (but that rhymes with “bare integer sex for tea two)” because that board is so packed with features. So far I don’t think I blew it, but I admit the jury is still out. . .