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David Haughton

Hi All, hope you’re well.

As you know, it’s extremely difficult to test all of the USB devices available on the market, and it can be very time consuming!

However, I’ve come up with a solution to source this info from the community, which I hope you will all assist with 🙂

I’ve created a quick and easy form to allow you to enter the details of devices you have tested which will in turn generate a list of user-approved devices.

Please note these are for branded, commercially available USB devices only.

We welcome you to enter devices which have already submitted by other users, particularly if you find different results, especially as manufacturers can change the components of the devices without notice…

This list will not be officially approved by A&H, but we will take the most popular devices or devices with ambiguous results and test these for official approval.

The form can be found here:

and the results found here:

Thanks all and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries or questions.