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Nicola A&H

Hi DS,

1) No I’m afraid, the sample rate is fixed 48kHz.

2) The interface is fixed 48kHz 24bit. I believe Pro Tools will require the session to be converted. Other DAWs such as Reaper can do SRC on the fly and work with Qu mixers regardless of the native SR of the session.

3) If you are running Pro Tools on a Mac, then yes, the DAW Control driver will emulate a HUI control surface and starting with firmware V1.5 you can assign DAW Bank up/down controls to the SoftKeys.

4) You can set the SoftKeys to standard MMC transport controls and again, with the DAW Control driver installed in OS X, these will act as HUI transport controls for Pro Tools.

5) There are no analogue insert points on Qu mixers, so if you send your Mix outputs to analogue outboard processors you would run out of outputs for your 7.1 monitors. On Qu-32 you might use the 4 St Groups for this, say CH1-8 (DAW 7.1 mix) feeding the Groups, Group XLR outputs to your analogue outboard gear, CH9-16 (outboard returns) feeding your Auxes for monitoring. BTW Qu mixers have excellent on-board dynamic processing on all channels and mixes!

Hope this helps.