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Sorry for the thread resurrection, but I just had a random thought: You could do it if you fed the main PA from a matrix. Although the mixes can’t be routed to LR, groups1-4, mix1-10, and LR can all be routed to a stereo mtx, which would allow you to use mix1-10 effectively as mono(1-4)/stereo(5-10) subgroups, the groups1-4 as 2x stereo subgroups, and LR would effectively be another stereo subgroup, you’d just have to be careful with panning (and un-assign gr1-4 from LR.)

Of course, it seems so simple now. Though doesn’t help me with the Qu-16 in my Church.

But now thanks for putting me back into limbo for my own new mixer. I was convinced that my new mixer was going to be analogue because the small digitals were not flexible enough and I didn’t want to buy Behringer X32. But now the Qu24 fills the bill and is about the same price as an analogue rig.

The head says digital but the heart says analogue. Decisions decisions.