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Attempting quotes…

Can you really notice the latency?

I suppose the increased latency is not such an issue if all your channels are going through the groups: they’ll all have the same processing steps in terms of the signal chain, and everything would remain coherent. It would be more of an issue if some channels were routed directly to LR and others went to the mix1-10, out, back in, then to LR. The difference in latencies here could cause problems.

At what point in time does the QU24 start nipping away at the heels of the GLD? (I don’t own a GLD)

Their similarities notwithstanding (fx from ilive, Dsnake, ME-1 compatability etc,) I think there’s such significant differences in terms of surface hardware and DSP between the GLD and Qu that that being able to route mixes 1-10 directly to LR on the Qu wouldn’t impact GLD sales. The Qu doesn’t have anywhere near as high an input count or bus count, the Qu has less fx rack space, and less of a variety of fx emulations. The Qu doesn’t have DCAs, digital scribble strips, or the encoder-per-fader, is limited to 1 ipad connection and lacks an offline editor. The increased channel\bus count and expansion options for Dante, MADI and ADAT also make the GLD more rider-friendly. I’m sure there are more features that I’ve missed, that list was just off the top of my head.

It just seems to me that being able to route mixes 1-10 directly to LR (and pan those mixes around LR if they’re mono mix1-4,) would add to the versitilty of the mixer (especially the Qu16,) with relatively little cost. The mixes already sum the channels, and they’ve already got DSP allocated for geq, peq and dyn when they’re operating as normal mix outputs, so it’s not like masses of extra DSP power is needed, it’s just a routing option. It would be a shame for someone to buy a 10-bus console, use Mix1-4 to feed wedges to drums, bass, gtr and vox, but never be able to use mix5-10 as subgroups, or vice-versa: use mixes 5-10 to feed stereo IEMs, but not be able to use mix1-4 as mono subgroups. Perhaps I should add something to the feature suggestion sub-forum.