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I think it’s best to think of the Qu24 as having 2 stereo subgroups, and that’s it… Of course if A&H would allow us to route mixes 1-10 directly to LR, they could effectively be used as subgroups (just set them as post fader with their send levels at unity.) Or you could do this anyway and route their physical outputs back to spare inputs and then send those inputs to LR, providing you’ve got the spare inputs and can deal with the latency that comes with the extra DA-AD conversions.

Can you really notice the latency?
These desks just need a few little tweaks, like summing ST1-2-3 inputs so you can hard wire outputs from Mix outputs.
I have used the outputs into external graphics with DBX comps but had to “sum” the inputs ‘before’ returning to the ST1-2-3.

I don’t know whether firm-ware would be able to sum that data internally via software? or whether that is a hardware scenario?

Routing mix’s to L&R would be the answer.

At what point in time does the QU24 start nipping away at the heels of the GLD? (I don’t own a GLD)
I spent half a day with a QU24 as a DAW yesterday in a showroom.
It was brilliant!
Different fader knobs to the QU16
Didn’t get to look at the groups scenario.
However I am used to using at least 4 mono sub groups in larger setups.
Thanks for your thoughts on this.
I didnt intend to rave on there…
I will watch this column before I collect my QU24 which is sitting in that showroom!

Dave AK NZ