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As I understand it, no (it’s slightly less flexible than a GL2400.) You can hard-pan channels in the subgroups, so you could in theory have vox in 1, guitars in 2, keys in 3 and drums in 4, however… One single fader controls the level of both sides of the subgroup: your vox and guitars will be at the same level, and your keys and drums will be at the same level, which probably isn’t ideal. Also, any processing (compression, eq, inserted fx) will apply to both sides. If you boost your vox at 6k, you’ll also get that 6k boost on the guitars. If you insert a reverb on the drums, you’ll have that same reverb on the keys. Finally, although you can pan channels between the groups, the groups themselves are hard-panned in LR: 1 and 3 are panned hard left, 2 and four are panned hard right. You’ll have your vox and keys coming out FOHL, and the guitars and drums coming out of FOHR.

I think it’s best to think of the Qu24 as having 2 stereo subgroups, and that’s it… Of course if A&H would allow us to route mixes 1-10 directly to LR, they could effectively be used as subgroups (just set them as post fader with their send levels at unity.) Or you could do this anyway and route their physical outputs back to spare inputs and then send those inputs to LR, providing you’ve got the spare inputs and can deal with the latency that comes with the extra DA-AD conversions. Not ideal, but it could work in some applications.