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Guys, the QU24 is a killer addition to the line, We’ve added 2 group outputs with full channel processing, 4 matrix outputs with full channel processing 10 soft keys, the cool LED indicators and 4 dedicated FX sends with Stereo returns with Processing on the returns.

Remember when you’re looking at feature set it $2799USD MAP mixer! and it sounds great and doesn’t fall over itself when you get it loaded down with MIC inputs!, the guys at AH are pushing the technology on this stuff for the price point.

speaking of the B!#$ stuff..


On a side note, the USB interface on the back has been increased to a 32×30 channel USB interface and now with HUI onboard so if you need a bit more, plug in your laptop, I’m not sure of the technology behind the QU drive, but I think right now, its not a hardware issue to record to the Hardrive with more channels, I think its a technology/Chip thing, I could be wrong, but that its my understanding.