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Apparently the 24 channel thing is limitations within the architecture (chip set I guess) according to someone on the inside – a jump to 32 channels requires a different hardware/software configuration which I’m guessing they’re just not that keen to make at this price point… I mean, there’s not that big a jump price wise into the GLD range, they’re not Behringer and I assume have no interest in being Behringer with a dozen options in every range… I’m curious to see the new Midas for a comparison, but it’s clearly a sheep in wolf’s clothing from everything I’ve seen so far (I mean, even the FX engine snapshots have Behringer logos on them, and the stage box is straight up a rebranded Behringer)… some people will fall for it, the same way some people have convinced themselves that somehow the Behringer is better than every other cheap and cheery product the company makes, but I’ll stick to a brand with proven performance and quality performance.
PS I ordered 2 QU24’s at the start of January, straight after being told only the most basic outline of what was expected. I’m not disappointed so far with their announcements, and have no plans to cancel my order in favour of a Midas (even if it is cheap!)