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Hello Dave, very interesting! So, yes, iPad iPhone and all last-generation Apple computer has an extension called VoiceOver built in the operating system, no addition tools must be installed. Speaking accent is depending not only by language, but also by country selection. For example, if you select UK as general country in your iPad, you will hear a different voice than USA, New Zealand and so on. All Apple’s apps and many third-party apps are VoiceOver compliant, but other do not, and this is the case of Allen & Heath app. In this situation VoiceOver does not work and you are not able to use the app without viewing the screen.
I never used mixers in live situation, I always used them in my little home studio for recording (mainly 2-track stereo recordings). I heard about Reaper. As I know, Cakewalk has a similar extension thanks to an american developer, but I would prefer a consolle totally useable on my own from its top panel, and unfortunately it’s not possible yet in A&H Qu series mixers. However, I didn’t see the consolle you mentioned, very useful suggestion! Now I will check. Thank you again.