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Hello Marco.
Sometimes it is difficult to know whether to speak up or keep quiet and sometimes lately I probably should have been quiet.
However, I may have something to add to help?
I have worked, operated, supplied the equipment and multi-tracked to ADAT, a musical show quite some years ago, here in New Zealand for the Blind Institute here in Auckland.
It was a success and the Institute transferred the data to a Yamaha hard disk and went on to mix down the recording.
Interestingly it was a Allen-Heath Wizard 16 channel desk.
I have since worked with a few blind musicians and it is always a slightly different experience.

I have a few questions for you.
Are you saying that you operate a desk as in live sound?
What software do you use and do you, multi=track or record live off or from your current desk to 2 track in your Mac?

I’m on the receiving end of listening to my partner on her iPad use text to voice to listen back what she has written. (it is an Australian accented voice) I was, well when I first heard the iPad reading back, I thought WOW! how cool is that!? My Partner is a writer of children’s’ books. Jampot Books.
we are currently recording for all of the 12 books.

I’ll try to get to the point.
I Google’d “voice to midi commands” and got results, that some guys had experimented with this although they were using Windows XP and Windows7.
The DAW software they were using was called Reaper.
There was NOT a lot of information but there was a few different posts.
I use Reaper myself with the Allen-Heath range of desks with MAC and it maybe worth thinking about. Bi-directional midi.
Reaper is open source and will run the QU desk.
So maybe, there might be someone already persuing this as there is a huge amount of people writing software scripts for Reaper.
Reaper is part of the Cocko’s Confederated.

Marco, as another thought on this, have you thought checking out the ZED R16 desk?
That has a dedicated DAW control and can be used as a live sound desk and has manual channel strips with click push down buttons but no subgroups and no moving faders. (And quite a few midi faders)
I have used this desk both as live sound and recording, and both at the same time and also used the reverb’s from Mac in live sound.

Just some thoughts or options for you Marco.

All the Best and I hope I didn’t over over stay my thoughts.
dave NZ