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Hello Dan, thank you for your reply. Yes I understand this is a specific topic, but maybe Allen & Heath could be interesting to evaluate this problem to help many persons (not just me!). Well, I forgot to say that I tested Qu-pad (demo mode) on my iPad2/VoiceOver, but unfortunately the app is not accessible, too. Well, if this app will be updated adding accessibility, and if your request for a total mirroring will be satisfied, probably the problem would be solved. A blind user could use normal control like faders, muting, soloing directly on mixer surface and all control where touch screen is needed could be moved on ipad. Only Qu-24 initial network setup would require assistance by a sighted person, but after that all options would be available via surface or ipad. Dan, I believe your reply was so useful! Hoping Nicola will evaluate all this. Thank you.