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As dpdan said, you’re not forced to use all local or all stage, you can do a mixture of both. They’re not completely freely assignable though, in that the preamp#-channel# is fixed. Ch1 always has to be fed by preamp1, ch2 by preamp2, (whether preamp1 is in the back of the qu console or on the stage box is up to you.) What you can’t do is assign preamp1 to ch7, preamp2 to ch4, preamp12 to ch15&16, as you might if you wanted to run ch15 to monitors with certain processing and ch16 to FOH with different processing. To achieve this you’d need to use a y-split before the preamp, or a GLD/ilive.

@dpdan, page 14 of the manual says qu16 uses the AR2412’s preamps 17-22 for st1-3.