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I have a Qu24 and an AR2412, but I don’t have a Qu16 so I can’t be positive of this next statement,…. but it may be possible that when you connect the AR2412 to your Qu16 you might have access to the three stereo returns as mic inputs with phantom power and a pad.

When I connect the AR2412 to my Qu24, the three stereo returns are not available on the 2412 inputs, however, when I connect an AR84 to the “Expander” port on the AR2412, the three stereo returns ARE available and then a phantom power switch and pad appear on those channels on the touch screen. It is nice to be able to connect two condenser mics (in stereo) and two stereo keyboards to the three stereo returns, this technically makes the Qu24,….. a 30 input console with 24 mono inputs and three stereo inputs.

It just might be that A&H designed the Qu16 to route the three stereo returns as mic inputs on (17-18), (19-20) and (20-21).
That would be very nice.
I am going to look at the manual now to see if it mentions anything about this.