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To clarify, there is no need to install the A&H DAW Control app for USB streaming applications. Qu-16 and Qu-24 are Core Audio compliant on Mac OS X and will appear as an audio and MIDI device without any driver installation. Just plug ‘n play.

The DAW Control app is for, well, DAW control only. That is if you want to control track levels, mutes etc. from the desk MIDI strips.

Rob, when you play stereo files with iTunes, check the settings in Utility / Audio & MIDI as dhak suggested. Select the Qu device and click on ‘Configure speakers’. Set the speakers to the required USB output, for example 21-22 to stream to Qu-16 ST3. On the mixer use the Preamp screen Fn key Source page to patch USB B to ST3. Make sure you have set ‘USB B Streaming’ as the global USB source.

When you have this working, try with Pro Tools. Set the Qu mixer as the Current Engine in Pro Tools Setup / Playback Engine. Make sure your Pro Tools session is running at 48kHz sample rate. Click ‘Setup/I/O…’ and click the ‘Default’ button on the Input, Output and Bus tabs to set everything to the default names and paths in Pro Tools. Remember that audio is returned one-to-one to the input channels. Select track 1, click its ‘Output’ drop down menu under the I/O label in the mixer view, then select Mono output 1. This will feed the Qu-16 Mono ch 1. Use the Preamp screen Source page again to patch USB B to the channel. Repeat for all other tracks.