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Hello Rob. I Take it you have installed the A&H App? Sorry I don’t know anything about Protools, however maybe if I show the Reaper settings?
I just followed the A&H guide when connecting the desk to mac book. You have to install and configure the A&H App and run that “all the time you are using the desk”, and also set up the mac core audio (Audio Devices) so that it is assigned to play back through USB with out put in mac channels 21-22 being left and right. ( where it says configure speakers) This automatically returns to ST3 within the QU upper layer. Surely that would be the same for Protools?
The QU has the same work flow in/out of the mac as my GSR24M.
I firstly have to set up the faders in “add controller device” for the 2 banks of channels. There might be still one problem where you need to assign in the matrix of your software where the audio returns? Remember you need to assign the inputs on the QU to USB-B Streaming otherwise you will get nothing playing back.
I found 2 ways of streaming back into the desk. Either per channel using the desk as a DAW [custom layer mode](when the master return into ST3 is ticked up the top in the attached Pic) OR in the “lower LAYER mode) with the master return UNTICKED. and remember to assign the custom layer to “midi” ion the setups control tab on QU
Its good writing this stuff out as helps me remember [being an older dude]