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Lou wrote:

Also if you want to use a laptop, you can record and start and stop as you are accustomed to doing. Use the USB drive as a backup, running continuously.

What a great idea Lou. For critical recordings you can record to both the Qu-drive and a laptop? I didn’t know you could do that. My StudioLive locked up once during a show while recording to a laptop. I later found out the laptop had some bad sectors on the hard drive, this crashed the laptop during the gig while writing 16 tracks of audio; if the laptop crashes then the StudioLive loses Firewire sync and usually does not recover well from my experience. I never trusted to the StudioLive after that experience and rarely recorded anymore. Many times simply hooking up the laptop would cause the board to stop passing audio, even when following the proper hookup protocol as outlined in the StudioLive manual.