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No inserts, sorry, not at this heardware price point. The Presonus (I have one too) did have that but with other things less sophisticated than the Qu.

But – Channels DO record whether they are muted or not. I routinely put a pair of room or audience mics in 15/16 amd they record whether muted or not – read the manual thoroughly and you’ll see it says this.

HOWEVER – record a live gig all the way through -0 don’t try to stop between songs, as it will take too long to finialize the tracks and you’ll miss the next song. Only stop at end of set – do try it before a gig and you will see that the longer the recording, the longer it takes to completely be ready for the next recording. Split up the songs after you get it transferred to your DAW.

Also keep it updated to the latest frimware, as new features some on each version. Play with it, do some dummy recordings when not on a gig, and you’ll fell more secure when you need it. It’s a great mixer!

Also if you want to use a laptop, you can record and start and stop as you are accustomed to doing. Use the USB drive as a backup, running continuously.