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Is it as simple as just formatting the hard disk, arming the record and then hitting play?

Should be… depends on the hard disc

I want to record multi-track including channels that won’t go through the front of house or monitor speakers (ie drums). If I mic up the drums but then mute all drum channels (so that they don’t go through FOH or monitors)… will the drum channels still be recorded?

No… Mute disables the complete signal
The solutions is: don’t send them to master bus, then the recording works (Routing page…On/Off on every bus)

Is it possible to record several different sessions on one hard disk (I seem to remember reading somewhere that the QU likes a freshly formatted and empty disk before each recording session… have I got that wrong?)

The Qu numbers your takes automatically… Keep in mind the recording has no correct time stamp since the Qu has no real clock.
Document the recordings by yourself…

Do I have to do anything with ‘inserts’? I’m not even sure what they are!

An insert is a combination of output with a dedicated input to send signals to a processing device and bring the processed signal back in the signal chain at thesame point…

Normally you would insert compressors and gates and enhancers… since the Qu contains compressors and gates already it’s not necessary to instert such.
But if you have “the” tube compressor to use for “the” star then you can insert it.

Hope that helps a bit…