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Hi knga.
Congratulations on getting your QU-16 – I love mine! The manual suggests you can copy send levels between mixes (p31 – current version AP9372 iss.2), but you can’t. However, it’s very quick to toggle between mixes and set the faders so they match.
I mix from stage and have separate mixes for FOH, floor monitors, 2 x IEMs and drum fill. For my IEMs I use the Alt Out sends and have configured that in the routing screen to follow PAFL. So I can listen to any mix (usually FOH) just by hitting the PAFL button for that mix.
You asked about muting previously – I use the soft keys and have assigned Key 1 to all input channels except the one I use for background music between sets. Key 2 is reverb. Key 3 is delay. Key 4 is tap tempo for delay.
I have an iPad mounted to my mic stand and thought I would use it, but it’s much easier to use the desk which is within arms reach. That said, the iPad is brilliant for doing a sound check. And I use an Apple Airplay router which has a stereo 3.5mm jack so I play background music wirelessly from the iPad.