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Try this, press the Mix 5/6 button and set all channels going to Mix 5/6 to post fader. Then set all of the faders for the Mix 5/6 to 0dB….any change you make to the main FOH LR mix will be mirrored with the exception of the master LR fader. You can use the Mix 5/6 fader as your “master fader” for your IEM. Hope this helps. Jeff

This seems to be the most efficient way to do this. Any changes to the mix for FoH will be mirrored in the Mix 5/6. Personally I run 2 x mono mixes on 3 and 4. Mix 3(pre) is just the mix I need at the drum position, (goes to my left in ear), and mix 4(post) is the mirrored foh mix (goes to right in ear). I do it this way as I don’t like much in my ears whilst playing, but I can still check the mix as the night goes on.