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Not sure. There are details on recording with the Qu drive in the manual.

To get it to playback through the desk you need to change the inputs of the desk from “local” to “Qu Drive”. Each recorded channel will play back through it’s respective channel strip. You change the desk inputs by going to the “processing screen” and then click on the left hand side of the screen and press the FN button. You then should be given the choice of Local or Qu drive input. If the input pot is blue then it’s set to Qu Drive.

The only other thing to be sure of, is that you’ve formatted the hard drive using the Qu mixer before recording.

Hope this helps. My rough live gig recordings have come out pretty good. I had a few playback issues on the mixer itself (a few drop outs and pauses) but these seemed fine when I played them back on my computer. I think that proves that the recording works well but the mixer isn’t great at playing all the channels back. – That was with version 1.2 though so it may well be better on version 1.31.