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Many thanks Jeff for the response – that helps a great deal.

Currently the ADI 648 is the master, but it will slave to WordClock, so having that as a slave isn’t a problem.

No matter what interface you use for the audio, the ME-U can always pick up the channel names from the MixRack by connecting its control network socket to the one of the MixRack’s

This is good to know; I already tunnel control data for the radiomic receivers and the digital EQ/speaker management processor over the ACE link, so if the ACE link from FOH to stage has to stay point-to-point, I can continue to use this to tunnel Dante control data as well.

Another option that might be cheaper would be to replace the ADI-648 with something that converted directly between ADAT and Dante. At least Auvitran and FocusRite seem to offer products that would do this.

I’ll have a look at this – it would be a shame to lose the ADI as it’s a solid box, does exactly what it says on the tin etc etc but if a separate gigabit network stream (in addition to ACE) can handle bidirectional 64ch audio, getting signals back to FOH for recording, etc., shouldn’t be a problem. Less gear to carry about I suppose!

That’s a point, actually; I was also thinking about using Waves MultiRack on the computer out front, with Dante as the I/O (possibly the Focusrite card in the PC), but I’m not sure how the latency will be. Will have to do some more searching!