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Hi Andy

I’ll try to answer your questions in order:

if the ME-U hub is fitted with an ACE input card, can it be then used to ‘split’ the ACE stream from T112 to IDR48, or does that always have to go point-to-point?

An ACE link is always point to point; if you wanted to feed the ME-U with ACE, you would need to have an ACE card in the IDR48. Note that the ‘ME-D’ card that comes with the ME-U accepts ACE (as well as dSnake and Aviom Pro-16), so you would not need to buy an ACE card for the ME-U in any case.

I understand that if I use a Dante card in the ME-U instead of an ACE card, then the ME-1s will not pick up the channel names from the MixRack?

No matter what interface you use for the audio, the ME-U can always pick up the channel names from the MixRack by connecting its control network socket to the one of the MixRack’s. Depending on your setup, you may be able to make this connection via the Dante network, by plugging a MixRack control network socket into its Dante card’s ‘control’ port, and doing the same at the ME-U end. If not, then you might have to run a seperate cable from the MixRack to the ME-U in order to receive channel names.
With this connection made, the ME-U can be set up to probe the MixRack for channel names; it then passes these on to any ME-1 units in real time (there’s typically a few second delay for a newly changed channel name to appear on the ME-1s).

if I move over to Dante, thus replacing the M-MADI card in the IDR-48, how does one set up a clock master in a Dante network?

There are two ways to approach this. Option 1 (and this is what we typically recommend) is that you can specify that the a particular device (for example the MixRack) is the clock master, by settings its clock source to internal, then configuring the other Dante devices to match using the Dante Controller software and/or the other devices own control software. Option 2 is to set everything to slave from the Dante network, and let the Dante system decide for itself which device should be the clock master.

I was hoping to retain use of the ADI-648 for interfacing to the ADAT sources, and use some sort of MADI/Dante bridge to interface this gear

This should be possible. There are a few such products out there for converting between the different digital audio transports. I don’t know if your ADAT-MADI box can be a clock slave, or if it has to be master, but in either case I think you should be able to configure a system where everything is in sync. Another option that might be cheaper would be to replace the ADI-648 with something that converted directly between ADAT and Dante. At least Auvitran and FocusRite seem to offer products that would do this.

Hope this helps

– Jeff, A&H