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I find it very unusual that the four PEQ bands are all stuck hiding to the left side upon opening,
instead of the four widgets (balls) already sitting placed in order from low to high… for instance…
the green “low” band set to 100 Hz.
the light blue “low mid” band set to 250 Hz.
the blue “high mid” band set to 3Khz.
and the red “high” band set to 10Khz.
Of course the user can use any color band since they all overlap but I think it would be n ice to have this as the default upon opening a PEQ.

Just my thoughts, although I guess I could store my PEQ “flat” setting the way I described above in the library and paste it into each channel before sound check. Hmmm, not a bad idea 🙂

As far as the OP, I think it was inconceivable that the four bands were NOT color coded like the GLD console.
A&H made this change and I think it is great.