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Focal, thank you for your elaborated response. Maybe I should have expected this price drop. It just hasn’t happened to any other music gear I’ve bought, and that has been really a lot for being only a musician (and not a theater or a PA rental for example). The only things I have experienced such a value loss with are my car and my computer. No guitar, no bass, no amp, no cab, no pa-speaker, no mic, no fx-unit, no stand, no case, nothing else. Not even my drum computer from 2004 or my e-piano have lost value (in terms of new street prices).
It’s the first time I see a piece of gear I bought to loose value this way. I guess I should get acustomed to it since a mixer is now like a computer and doesn’t just get old, it becomes obsolte far earlier than it gets old. But I think this price drop is due to the market stil settling, as you say.