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I cannot speak for markets outside of the U.S., but behringer did in fact drop their X32 prices a few months after shipping the first batch Rack/Producer models. At least on the west coast, we saw a $300-$400 value loss for early adopters on all models. The GLD series has seen temporary price drops as well (or rebates) over the years. These are all necessary incentives… sometimes you catch a deal and sometimes you miss it.

I think your point is understood. However, we’re not making investments in gold or real estate, we are buying products that have a very limited life-span. These are liabilities. It doesn’t help that the QU series sits in the most competitive digital mixer market and that the low/mid range digital console market hasn’t settled yet. Companies are still trying to find a balance between features, reputation, and value. As long as behringer can lower the cost of their product and still attract customers to their product features, it is in our best interest that other brands follow suit. Competition drives down prices. Either that means price drops (value loss) for the customer…or having yearly models released with market-adjusted pricing and new features (similar to car sales). The latter option would be a disaster since most systems are proprietary. Without a common protocol/language for all digital mixers, we are best served by 5-10 year model/platform lifespans, free software updates, and price adjustments for market value.

If you need the new features now… accept the liability and pay the current market value (just know it’ll likely change tomorrow). If you are making an investment, buy land.