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GCumbee, I’m referring to the Qu-16 in Europe. Price in March: 1990€. Price today: 1690€

So it’s 15% loss on the brand new street price by today.

Mamerica, I understand your argument but there is no “Qu-16 2” at the moment. This kind of price drop isn’t normal even in the PC industry. Also neither the Bellringer nor Soundcraft have done that to the X32 or SiEx1.

It looks like they didn’t plan to produce a Qu-24 or Qu-32 at first and are now forced to lower the price of the smaller unit. Nevertheless, it’s not funny. If I was a PA rental house I wouldn’t find it funny either.

I think, if you want to put your product in a more competitive position against other companies, better load it with features others have. And don’t let your customers wait for a year for channel names and EQ band colors and the such.

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