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I Have heard the quality control is excellent from China and that rejection rate goes down with the Chinese production runs.
Equipment goes out of date pretty quick these days.
The planet is a different place now.
Cost of equipment goes down.
only Land appreciates.
Its nice to have new equipment however they are just tools of the trade.
The cost of changing from Analogue consoles has been quite huge for myself
I held out right until the end not wanting iLive or the GLD
as I used to repair computers in the field 30 years ago.
And looking in the backs of iLives etc gave me the ….
However the QU changed all of that.
SO i’m down to just 3 Analogue desks now.(plus the new QU’s)
as I say I lost money changing over.
It’s just business. win some loose some…

However I do have an original QU16 and they have black screws holding the faders up
up. The Chinese QU’s have silver screws.

So this particular post was about prices falling..
If I wait until next year will the QU32 and the GLD be any cheaper?
The digital revolution is exponential

sorry to crash this post here
Does any one know where I can find a detailed explanation of how to connect Dante 2x GLD112 together (for a digital split) (FOH & Monitors) with using the AR2412 and AR08. I don’t have access to the GLDs but need to pre-read before I order anything.


dave NZ