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Yes that seems to work.
I just tried that.
So you can PFL (a channel to set gain) whilst fader is down and then AFL the the mix from the CUSTOM USER layer “all on the same layer”.
You still need to go to the mix sends over on the right to move faders however thats how to mix.
So with this in mind I would mix monitors on this now
I would give up those 8 audio channels in an 8 way large stage mix with 8 or 9 sends
So in this way a QU32 would give me a brilliant easy way to mix 24 channels with out too many changing of surface layers… only to send channels

All I need now is a QU40 version to get 32 channel dedicated monitor mixer
[and that’s still possibly lift-able with one guy!?]
wow can you imagine?
I can, Ive been lugging the GL2800 40 channels around in a case.
On saying that I have 2 for sale :+>