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All of those switch’s are on the same page

Yes thats the ‘select to follow button”
it will follow the submixing AFL’s and you can PFL the single faders as well “so long as the fader is in the UP position
however if you want to listen to a fader when its in the “down position” you have to turn off the “input to AFL” button
and thats what i’m talking about.

Which takes me back to a post I made a month or so ago about it would be great for A&H to make firmware to turn the mixer into monitor mode mixer.
I doubt that will happen soon though so I’m not holding my breath.

Another way would be if they could make the softkey available to switch between the PFL or AFL mode would help.
I spent years doing monitor mixes on those large GL mixers.

If you find a way please feel free to let me know


dave NZ