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Hi. I only just got a QU24 (with a whole 2 subgroups! YEH)
Have multiples of the QU16 of which we used for every type of event.
The The PAFL of the QU16 was always really clear to me until the guy doing monitors from using QU16 said he couldn’t AFL the mix.
I must admit I put him in the deep end using 2 of these together and passively mixed the outputs for a monitor sceanrio. He did the job great.Rave reveiws from musicians) He was an experienced Soundcraft user (their digital range)
I tried to emulate what he was complaining about but couldn’t fault the QU16
So… I have just spent about 5 hours (2 mics in hand) sitting with the QU24 trying to figure out the PAFL and in particular the AFL of the SUBGROUPS. What a mission that was!
I read every word of the manual on the set up page relating to doing this..scratched my head… page 41 8.1 of the paper manual is not very clear at all.I think it needs to be re written.
I could not easily AFL the subgroups?
If anyone could enlighten me then great. I have 6 schools and 6 choirs to work with tomorrow (with 2 different sorts of 10 radio mics) and I’m scratching my head.
I thought… gee maybe I should get out my old Wizard and use left & right as 2 groups like I used to do.
I could be wrong but I suspect the manual and PDF relates to the main output strip on the right?
Sure I can PFL and input if I have the Input AFL turned off.
The Output AFL turned on.
I understand what the Additive mode is
I understand the LR to PAFL
but can not comprehend the “set follow PFL” switch is for.

I use the ALT out put and have the QU set to out put the PAFL from there to hear what is happening.

dave NZ