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Faders and knobs
Yes once I would have agreed
I love those real faders and knobs after many long fader and knobs hours.
However the QU arrived in town. (that has faders and knobs)
Are these computer based?
Many Lighting desks these days when you open them up have XP driven circuit boards in them.
And the same goes for some audio desks we know although I dont think they run on XP however some run on Linux
I recently had to pull some channel strips out of my 40 channel desks. you know those circuit boards under the faders.
gasp. Tracing weird faults to OP-amps that had mysteriously blown?
After reassembling I stood back and looked at these huge desks with all of those faders and knobs, and thought… gosh “what a lot of stuff there is to go wrong”!?
Give me a QU digital desk!
I never would have said that until the QU rode into town.

I love faders and knobs and even better I really like
a real wire X2 and an earth from a microphone to the mixing desk
However I see the beauty in quality digital these days.\
My Mac book pro never misses a beat running 40 channels on Reaper from firewire from a recording desk
And my windows laptops just keep on going on Win7.
Purpose built computers are pretty reliable now.
I had a couple of old Wizards… you know those 16 channel versions with the plastic jacks
In the end I had to bang them on the table to get them to work. But they were 10 years old and had seen sun and sand.
There is a place for all types of equipment.
A pre set up emulator for the QU would be quite good.
I see Roland use laptop driven drop and drag for setting up their top of the range looper (which I use… and never misses a beat! thats a joke!) and drum sampler pad.

I still like faders and knobs.

dave NZ