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In fact, what what I was envisioning was a complete simulator that contained all of the functions of the actual board…

Sounds like you want an IDR0 + AR2412. Or an X32Core + s16, or just an X32Rack.

Basically the Qu’s “brains” without the local IO or surface controls. It would just need a network socket for remote control, a dSnake socket for connection to AR(s) for analogue IO, a couple of USB sockets for scene transfer/Qu-Drive/multitrack streaming, perhaps a (couple of) sockest for local PAFL/monitoring/main LR out, perhaps one single XLR input for a talkback mic, perhaps a 3.5mm TRS input for an iPod for BGM, and a few buttons/a small screen for initial network config. This + AR84 + wireless AP + ipad\laptop would be great for small corporate gigs, folk dous etc where a high physical IO count isn’t necessary, but you still want to make use of the eq/dyn/FX, record the gig, etc.