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Thanks @owai,
I met George though the ProSound Web when he was just starting to write his app. He is a nice guy. We traded a couple of e-mails.

I am currently working on an app for OS X that will allow me to create a scene with or without the mixer attached and then send it to the mixer when I am ready. I work a lot of festival and it is nice to be able to set channels names, initial gain, assigns, etc while a different band is on stage (and obviously using the mixer). I am going to try to make it look similar to the GLD Editor if I can.

So far, I can Mute/Unmute Channels, Move the Faders and anything else that uses the MIDI NRPN commands. I’m trying to figure out the SysEx Commands. Once that is done I should have complete control. Then, all I have to do is write the interface (sarcasm)

I wrote a similar product for the Presonus StudioLive 16.4.2 and 24.4.2 mixers. It’s on my website at