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I want to set up and label all of the channels on the computer while a different band is on stage and then send them to the board while we’re setting mics.

Good idea
I have done this (using talk-back headset comms/shout mic and also a little printer from my monitor engineer) having extra channels whilst other acts are playing.
So an editor could be useful in this respect especially if 2 people could share and see whats about to happen next act.

I’m in favor of an editor anyway, So go for it.
Hopefully it was just a matter of time before A&H did this?
But … the time line for that to happen? could be ages away.
Really need this type of editor now.
Interestingly its amazing ‘to myself’ at how fast ( exponentially ) the QU has developed with-in this digital level of equipment.

look forward to seeing what you can develop

dave NZ