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I am thinking about writing a rudimentary editor for the Qu-16. It would not have all the features of the GLD Editor because it would only use MIDI to Set/Get parameters. My main goal is to reduce change-over time at festivals. I want to set up and label all of the channels on the computer while a different band is on stage and then send them to the board while we’re setting mics. I wrote a similar editor for the Presonus StudioLive a couple of years ago. I sold a few copies but it is now available for free at

The version I’m planning for the Qu would be for OS X only. I would write it in a different language than I used for the SL editor and it doesn’t support Microsoft Windows. I don’t have anything yet. I’m going to write a proof of concept first, a simple program with one fader control and a mute button. If I can do that, I’ll start the full design.