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As a studio person myself for over 35+ years I would ask if you think this is the proper mission for a GLD112? Personally I think not. Sure you can use external mic pres and come into inputs line in. Put in a pad and gain it down. GLD has a lot of gain. I think you might not be getting the full benefit of you mic pre like that but that is your call. As for processors, same thing. You can direct a channel out and then back into a line input. But you run into a situation of running out of outputs. With a console, 2412 and 2 84’s you have a total of 24 output sockets not counting the dig outs and RCAs. Not the same as a console with inserts on every channel.

I have a 112 demo unit. It is a great live board using internal fx. They did not even consider a control room section on it so you have to use the IEM to do a control room monitor unless you use the headphone out which I don’t like to do. That was a huge oversight for anything other than live. But it is what it is.