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Just my observance here…
the most common use of a talkback is with a momentary switch. Manufacturers like Allen & Heath, Soundcraft, Yamaha, Midas etc. design the talkback mic so that it CAN NOT be left on accidentally. This design is probably most preferred, but of course there are some that would like to just leave it on and use a handheld mic with a switch.

The easiest solution for your request is to use a microphone with a switch, then connect it to an input channel and route it to any output/s you wish. The only drawback compared to using the dedicated talkback input is wasting a valuable input channel. There may be other drawbacks, but I can’t think of any.

I think you should post a request for this feature in the “Qu feature suggestions” on this forum. It’s a valuable and very sensible feature that should be easy to implement in a future firmware update.

The suggestion would be to have another option in the talkback section of the “setup” screen. The box would have a “ENABLED” button that is labeled “double tap lock” If this feature is enabled, a quick double tap of the “talk” button would lock it on, another double tap would turn it off. Additionally, a typical “push to talk” would still activate the mic even with the “double tap lock” feature enabled.