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Hi Dan,
Currently the iPad keeps the same names for the named channels even when you recall a scene.They do not change unless you edit them on the iPad. The app on the ipad currently does not store the scenes or shows locally. The iPad is like a virtual screen and keyboard(dumb workstation)and the only information that it keeps In memory when you log out of the program is the Channel names which currently are not stored in the scenes. The Qu can run without an iPad so all the memory and recall need to be on the mixers hardware although you can store it on a flash drive or hard drive. I name the Channel’s for my typical setup and then change them as needed for each show. I typically set channel 16 for the kick 15-10 for drums 9 left blank 8 is the Bass 7,6,5 for guitars,horns,other inst.,or keyboards although we can use one of the stereo channels for keyboards leaving 4,3,2,and 1 for vocals or whatever. Ste 3 is used for break music. This works for my typical job with the Qu 16. You obviously will have more options with the Qu 24. It is not the best but it works for now. I still have to tape the board and use the sharpie. If you are mixing from the board it will always be needed. When I mix from the stage I only use the iPad for sound check and then mix from the board once the show starts. I hope they add Channel naming soon to the mixer. I agree with you that it is a needed feature. With the Qu series and the Mackie 1608 (or most digital mixers) it is like Christmas when there is a feature update. I think that is awesome.
This was a long winded reply, I hope it was helpful.
Good luck…..

Gearhog. (Martin)