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Yes, it is what it is in this regard. It seems to be slowly becoming what we were told it would be.

I bought a Qu-16 based in the A&H reputation for excellent sound, and also on some marketing promises that will hopefully be delivered on soon. I was pretty hesitant to get a mixer without naming on each channel, and I would gladly have paid a couple hundred more to have it actually appear on the channel…maybe even giving up the Custom Layer real estate to make room for it, especially if I could link or group faders.

So far, the gigs I’ve done have not been too complex, so this hasn’t been too much of an issue to use magnetic tape and shuffle things around. But channel naming is a convenience that I don’t think I would do without again if I could avoid it.

I bet Chanel naming will be in a future firmware update.

The only way I can think that a firmware update might make this work somewhat would be that
– the QuPad app would also show per-scene channel names and recall them
– there was a special display somewhere (scenes menu and iPad app both?) that would display all the channel names at once for the selected scene
– part of the processing screen also displayed the channel name
– we all learn how to abbreviate even complex things down to five characters