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Ryan. No they are not although people confuse the concept. Groups are just a submixer of the channels assigned to them. Just like on an analog console. The selected channels are unselected from the LR routed to the group then the group to the LR. Whatever processing is available on the group can be applied to all those channels as a whole.

A DCA is just a way of controlling a selected number of channels as a whole only being able to control level and mute. It does not have any processing. The individual channels are left assigned to the LR.

I have had to explained this to people for many years going back to VCAs(voltage controlled amplifiers) on analog consoles. Same thing as DCA on a dig console. Once they understood it they liked using it. Say you could have many stereo things controlled by a VCA without tying up two groups for stereo per instrument. That left groups available for other things that maybe needed overall processing.

Hope that helps.